OTW Drums – now available!

On February 19, I released my drum sample collection, OTW Drums, for sale online.

The entire drum sample collection consists of more than 4,000 drum samples, or, you could purchase a collection of vintage and classic drums (OTW Drums Classics), a selection of custom drums (OTW Drums Customs), or some special samples that I spent time processing how I would (and have) use in mixes (OTW Drums Mix Ready).

My business partner, Lester Estelle Jr. (Kelly Clarkson, Big and Rich, Neal McCoy, Pillar), played the drums for these acoustic samples.

To learn more, or to purchase these drum samples, go to www.otwdrums.com.

Gang Vocal Techniques

Gang vocals on a record can be one of the most fun things to do in the recording studio.  There’s laughing, crying, and it’s usually done sometime after midnight, but they have to be done correctly if you want to keep it manageable and still [..]

Using “The Cloud”

Love it or hate it, but the term “The Cloud” is catching on. What is it? “The cloud is a metaphor for the way independent computers can be networked on the Internet so files can be conveniently viewed and worked on by multiple users, utilizing third-party servers and mirror sites as neutral storage and retrieval locales for exchanging and updating [..]

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